Soaking Up on the Island of Giants (Islas de Gigantes)


Cabugao Gamay Island

Looking for an affordable beach getaway? Let me help you with that!


Tangke Lagoon

There’s group of islands hidden somewhere in the province of Iloilo, Philippines called Islas de Gigantes or Islands of Giants. It’s a collection of pristine beaches that any beach lover would adore. The islands are located off the coast of northeastern Iloilo, somewhere along the Visayan Sea. Coming from Manila airport, it would take about 10 hours to get to the main island where most of the accommodations are. But don’t worry. The 10 hours is not all traveling in whatever mode of transportation. It already includes the wait time for the buses and ferry schedules. Now the big question is, how affordable is this secret getaway? *Drum roll* You can work with a budget of Php 10,000 or 220 USD if you’re coming from Manila. Quite affordable, right?

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